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The six advantages of linear plain bearings

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tech talk Learn more at What it really means to go from a rolling to a sliding system Linear bearing systems create sliding technology for maximum design potential. drylin ® linear solutions offer a powerful core, as their plastic bearing liners are optimized to make the systems maintenance-free. Along with the innovative sliding properties of the liners are a wide range of rails, bearings and customizable combinations that allow engineers the ability to combine the right components and bring design ideas to life. The most widely-used alternative to drylin ® is recirculating ball bearings. Though ball bearings are an established choice for generating linear motion, making the switch from a rolling ball bearing to a sliding plastic linear bearing can drastically reduce failure, downtime and costs. igus ® kept ease of replacement in mind when creating drylin ® , as many of the systems are dimensionally interchangeable with recirculating metal bearings. What makes all drylin ® systems worth applying, whether it be an application in the works or an existing system with ball bearings? Guaranteed self- lubrication, shock resistance, corrosion resistance, dirt resistance, light weight and quiet operation. Self-lubrication All drylin ® linear bearing systems are 100 percent dry- running. This is extremely beneficial, as most studies done on bearing systems will report that the number one problem with any system is lubrication-related failures. These failures can be caused by improper maintenance, incorrect lubrication practices or dirt adhering to the external lubrication. The lack of messy oil and grease in drylin ® means that dust or dirt particles never adhere, making them hygienic and ideal for use in lab automation, furniture or food packaging machinery. The self-lubrication also makes the solutions odorless and environmentally- friendly. igus ® plastics are engineered with base polymers for wear resistance, fibers and filaments for reinforcement, and solid lubricants to lubricate the system independently and reduce friction. When movement occurs in the linear systems, there is a material transfer of the lubricant into the micro-finish of the shaft. Once the transfer is made, the material cannot be washed away, meaning the systems operate without any external lubrication. Clean pipetting The six advantages of linear plain bearings

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