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e-spool: The next generation of the cable reel

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Learn more at www.igus.com/espool The igus ® e-spool is an alternative to traditional cable reels, which are used to guide cables and hoses in confined spaces. The e-spool system can guide several cables or media lines, including power, control or pneumatics, in one reel. In most cases, the e-spool runs without electrical power, making it very easy to use, but for some unique applications it can also be developed with a motorized drive solution. It is easy to install, flexible, space-saving and extremely reliable. The system is designed with two different igus ® energy supply systems in an innovative way. First, a standard igus ® E2/000 e-chain ® is guided on a steel spool. An integrated retraction spring within the spool provides retraction force and manages any slack. Additionally, an igus ® twisterband connects the rotating spool to the base structure, where the fixed cables enter the system. The twisterband is what makes the e-spool truly unique, as it eliminates an array of complications that typically come with other cable reels—this will be explored in more detail later in the paper. The twisterband can be configured on one or both sides of the spool, depending on the application's requirements. The e-chain ® is available for stroke lengths up to 14m (0-4m, 4-7m, 7-14m) with two inner width options (80 and 125 mm), allowing for modularity in the type and quantity of energy sources that are guided. In the starting position of the e-spool, the e-chain ® is completely rolled up, which saves space and keeps pathways clear. What is an e-spool?

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