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e-spool: The next generation of the cable reel

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Learn more at www.igus.com/espool For more information on e-spool, visit igus.com/espool or contact us at +1-800-521-2747 / sales@igus.com video: how to install cables into an e-spool There are many different e-spools available in various sizes and travel lengths. The standard, full size e-spool is available in multiple different configurations to suit a wide range of applications. The standard is available with a standard or HD version spring pack, which offers additional retraction force from the spring for applications with heavier fill weights. The mini e-spool is a compact version of the e-spool used for smaller applications. It is extremely space saving and has a very lightweight design. Typical applications that are integrated with the mini e-spool are indoor applications that require short linear, rotary or small circular movements. The e-spool power is a motor-driven system for long travel lengths up to 115 feet. It has an exceptionally long service life due to the retraction system and motor, and longer travels can be implemented. Theatre and stage applications, indoor cranes, maritime and shipbuilding can all benefit from the e-spool power. A fourth model is the e-spool manual, which was specifically designed for applications where only one cable needs to be managed and must be moved about freely, such as a robot pendant or control panel. A ratchet mechanism is integrated in the e-spool manual to lock the spool at extension for use. It can then be released and wound back up for storage once operation is complete. This e-spool is suitable for manual operation, and is often used in cable-connected tools and control consoles. The shore power industry can also benefit from the e-spool. igus ® offers a customized shore-power e-spool that can be installed in a vessel or terminal to supply power to vessels while berthed. The igus ® shore power e-spool is a motorized cable reel for unwinding cables that are suitable for use in medium voltage shore side connections. It does not require a slip ring, provides a continuous run of cable from the shore power outlet to the connector, and resists seawater, extreme temperatures and vibrations. e-spool product range Aside from the standard offerings, igus ® de- velops customized solutions as well. There are standard systems available with special additions, including systems with tubes, RBR chains, and stainless or colored systems. There are also more custom-built options, including e-spools designed for longer travels, systems with a different chain or custom changes to the steel parts to better integrate to a customer's machine. The unique structure of the e-spool can put some mechanical stress on cables, so in order to help relieve these strains, there are a few guidelines that should be followed when filling an e-spool with cables. Shielded cables designed for continuous torsional flexing such as chainflex ® CFROBOT cables should be used when the maximum possible service life is desired. Cables should be placed side by side in the linear chain and never stacked on top of each other. Wherever possible, sepa- rators should be used to protect cables from becoming crossed or tangled. Cables should also be inserted according to diameter and/or bend radius, with the smallest cables towards the inside of the carrier and the increasingly larger cables towards the outside. Strain relief should be installed at both ends of the cable.

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