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High-performance plastic solutions for drilling rigs

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tech talk Learn more at Advancing the oil & gas industry with modern, dual cable management systems in top drives "Plastic" might bring to mind grocery bags, disposable cups or one-use bottles. Engineered igus ® plastic, used in energy chain cable carriers, is an entirely different material. The optimized polymers in e-chains ® are used to manufacture military equipment, rocket launch site components and power plant machinery. Their strength and durability make them applicable in nearly all technologies. The power of plastic has made energy chain cable management systems a valued asset to the oil and gas industry. The heavy-duty e-chains ® are used in both offshore and onshore drilling rigs. They are nearly impossible to break down, which allows them to reliably operate in rigs' inclement conditions. Drilling rigs' pipe handling systems, gantry cranes, cat walks, cantilever skids, and most recently, top drive systems, are increasingly reaping the benefits of igus ® solutions. The advantages of e-chains ® for these application areas are all-encompassing. plastic solutions for drilling rigs High-performance Environmental benefits • Resistance to extreme temperatures • Resistance to chemicals, dirt, and sea water (100 percent corrosion resistance) Performance benefits • High mechanical strength • Capacity to manage heavy loads • Light weight • Excels at high speeds TCO / ROI benefits • Cost-effectiveness • Extended service life for cables and hoses • Easy repair with no special tools needed

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