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64 Advantages of RSP: ● For series TRC·TRE·TRCF with a ø-index of 60- 125 mm ● For robots with a load capacity from approx. 50 kg ● Up to 780 mm retraction length possible ● For applications with a high fill weight ● For a sensor-based monitoring ● Constant force path over the complete travel ● Standard pneumatic components Advantages of RS: ● For series TRC·TRE with ø-index 40-100 mm ● For robots with a load capacity from approx. 10 kg ● Up to 670 mm retraction length possible ● If no linear guide system is needed ● For use with major environmental influences ● Retraction force provided by integrated fiber-rods Advantages of RSE linear: ● For series TRC·TRE·TRCF* with ø-index 40-100 mm ● Special linear guide avoids small bend radii ● Up to 490 mm retraction length possible ● Simple, linear retraction without bends, fiber- rods or guide rollers ● Cost-effective ● Maintenance-free igus ® drylin ® W linear unit Advantages of RSE: ● For series TRC·TRE with ø-index 40-50 mm ● For small robots, very light ● Up to 500 mm retraction length possible ● For highly dynamic movements ● Cost-effective ● Maintenance-free igus ® drylin ® W linear unit RSE cost-effective retraction system with deflection From page 84 RSE linear cost-effective retraction system, linear From page 78 RS modular retraction system From page 72 RSP pneumatic retraction system From page 66 4 triflex ® R retraction system types available from stock: triflex ® R retraction systems - prevents loop formation on robots The global growth of automating industrial production processes is leading to more and more complex applications, particularly regarding industrial robots. Despite greater integration and new production processes, target cycle times are getting shorter and downtimes must be minimized. To provide reliable protection against premature system failure and downtime, we recommend the use of a triflex ® R e-chain ® , especially to bridge the last three rotating axes on robots. The change in length that results from the robot's movement is compensated by our triflex ® R retraction systems. This constantly guides the igus ® e-chain ® in a defined manner to prevent the formation of loops in the robot's working area. More information *TRCF not available for each width, see product range Retraction systems For supplying energy to robots

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