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23 22 Calculate service life online: 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 Guarantee months guarantee 36 months guarantee – on every Chainflex ® cable in this catalog 1 2 3 The Chainflex ® guarantee – predictable safety through laboratory and field experience Safety is of utmost essence, operationally, legally and financially. Plant and machine constructors have to make binding statements about operational safety and reliability. However, a guarantee declaration to the end customer always entails a considerable risk. The Chainflex ® guarantee on igus ® cables in E-Chains ® now makes this risk not only more predictable, but also reduces it significantly. With the unique 36-month guarantee on every Chainflex ® cable in this catalog, we assume a part of the responsibility and create a valuable planning security for the manufacturer. Twen- ty-five years of experience from tried and tested appli- cations and from intensive tests in the world's largest test laboratory for cables and E-Chains ® allow us to make reliable and verifiable statements about durabil- ity and service life even under liability law. Predictable reliability for every user! Guarantee instead of mere warranty or defects li- ability expands the assurance qualitatively in legal terms The assurance of a guarantee is done voluntarily by the manufacturer, and goes beyond the mandatory assurance or warranty by the seller. For the customer not only receives the promise to obtain a defect-free product, but also the ability to function over a certain period. "In case of guarantee the buyer is entitled to the rights under the guarantee as per the terms set down in the guarantee statement vis-à-vis the per- son who has given the guarantee, regardless of the legal claims (§ 443 I BGB)." In Germany, quality and durability guarantees are used. The latter in particular is of great importance for many customers. A mere extension of the guarantee is not enough for them, they want binding statements on the durability. The Chainflex ® guarantee based on the reliable data from laboratory and field experience, was created precisely for this purpose. Analysis of the measuring data: igus ® "AutΩMeS" system Example: Selection table "Guaranteed service life" for CF9 Direct overview of the service life by means of the selection tables "cycles" For each Chainflex ® series you will find a selection table called "Cycles – guaranteed service life" This gives the technical parameters for using the respective Chainflex ® cable. If the cable is operated in accordance with the operating conditions specified in the selection table, a service life guarantee of 5, 7.5 or 10 million cycles is ap- plicable depending on the application. The service life itself, measured by the number of possible cycles, can even be significantly higher. Temperature, from/to [°F] Guaranteed cycles Bend radius min. [factor x d] Example: A cable with a diameter of 12 mm in an energy chain ® with a radius of 100 mm results in a bending factor of 8.3 (100 mm/12 mm). In order to determine the guaran- teed durability, you set the technical conditions from the ranges 1-2. In range 3, you can now see that (with an assumed temperature range of -13/+194°F) with 8.3 x d the effective bending factor is above the minimum limit of 7 and for the cable you have a guaranteed operation of 10 million cycles. Should the temperature become higher or lower, the necessary factor for this guarantee level would be 8.5, that is, the number of guaranteed cy- cles is reduced to 7.5 million. This very clear statement provides reliability and planning safety for your entire fa- cility and can be further refined with the online service life calculator.

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