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Example: Part No. test kits I150-PF-0175-0025 for 25g of filament, loose with 1.75mm diameter made of the iglide ® material I150 Complete processing instructions online Processing tips iglide ® tribofilaments can be processed on any 3D printer that is equipped with a heated print bed on which temperatures are adjustable. The igus ® adhesive film allows a good adhesion between the iglide ® tribofilament and the print bed. ● Good ventilation should be provided during processing ● When heated above +572 °F, hazardous fumes are produced igus ® print bed film for your print bed Thanks to the film available from igus ® for the print bed, there is very good adhesion between the iglide ® tribofilament and the print bed. ● For use up to approximately 20 times ● "Set" the degree of adhesion by means of print bed temperature ● 3D printer without heating bed? The combination of iglide ® I150 with this print bed film also makes it possible to make wear-resistant parts oneself with such 3D printers Part No. adhesive film for print bed PF-01-0203-0203 (203 x 203mm) PF-01-0254-0228 (254 x 228mm) Part No. Bonding agent for tribofilaments PF-ADHESIVE-01 igus ® Bonding agent for tribofilaments ● Ideal for tribofilaments iglide ® I150, iglide ® I80 and iglide ® I80BL ● Good adhesion of the parts on the print bed ● Easy detachment 827 iglide ® tribofilament | Processing and accessories iglide ® tribo 3D printing 3D-CAD files, prices and delivery time u

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