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dryve® motor controllers for your linear axis

Tech Talks by igus helping solve design engineering problems with motion plastics

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dryve ® motor controllers: The motor controllers that we offer are the D1, D2, D3, D7, D8, and D9; but what can each of them offer you? This tech talk will discuss the various features that each of the dryve® controllers offers. Which is the right one for you? Starting with the D1 and D2 The D1 and D2 controllers are functionally identical, the only difference between them being the housing. These are our most versatile dryve® controllers as not only are they available for usage with Stepper, DC, and Brushless DC (EC) motors, but they also allow for the access of a web interface via ethernet connection. This interface is a great way to integrate both the motor controller and PLC system into one easy-to-use system that has many features on it. The interface can show you all the features of your motor as well as edit parameters. The drive profile allows you to create a sort of pseudocode for easy automation of your motor. With the ability to easily adjust speed, acceleration, and velocity, you can fine tune the motor to your exact specifications. There is also a digital oscilloscope that can measure multiple motor outputs. The D1 and D2 also allow for modbus TCP gateways and CANopen communication for higher- level PLCs. They can also be equipped with a specific IP address as well as a username and password for security. Browse all dryve controllers at

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