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6 reasons for plastic spherical bearings

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6 Reasons to use plastic spherical bearings When starting work on a new project that requires motion control, one of the most important considerations is what bearings to use. It's easy to fall back on what you've been using for years instead of rocking the boat with new ideas or concepts. You might be more inclined to stick with bulky, robust steel or bronze bearings without thinking about the benefits of plastic bearings. In most applications, plastic spherical bearings deliver a better performance than their metal counterparts. Here are six reasons why design engineers should consider using plastic spherical bearings: 1. Self-Lubricating Plastic spherical bearings do not require any external lubrication, making them completely maintenance-free. Self-lubricating bearings are an ideal solution for applications where dirt and dust can become embedded in any lubrication present, which could lead to performance issues. Alternatively, the lack of required greases or oils is ideal in applications where contamination from these lubricants is detrimental, such as in food packaging or laboratory equipment. 2. Reduced Costs Plastic spherical bearings can reduce costs by up to 40% without sacrificing quality. Not only are they less expensive, but maintenance costs are also significantly reduced. 3. Vibration dampening Plastic spherical bearings eliminate the excess noise and chattering associated with metal bearings. For applications where noise is an issue, such as in the medical industry, plastic bearings are ideal. 4. Corrosion and chemical resistance Unlike metal or bronze bearings, plastic bearings will never corrode and are resistant to most chemicals. They can be used in washdown, salt water, and caustic applications. Most metal rod ends are made from steel, which will certainly corrode. Stainless steel options are available, but at a much higher cost. Learn more at

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