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Top 10 reasons to use composite plastics bearings

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5. Pairs well with a range of shaft materials Plastic bearings can pair with any shaft material without corrosion issues, but not all shaft- bearing pairs are equal. Plastic bearings are able to operate on softer and rougher shafts which can decrease the overall cost of the product. Extensive testing and experience have provided igus ® with a massive database of bearing wear results when paired with different shaft hardness, roughness, and material makeup. Excellent wear performance depends on pairing the right bushing material with the shaft. 6. Excellent wear rates When a shaft with a composite plastic bearing starts to move, bits of solid lubricant and thermoplastic abrade to fill shaft imperfections and provide continuous lubrication, minimizing stick-slip and wear. Abrasion rates drop dramatically after initial startup, becoming negligible during continuous operation. The plastic bearing offers optimal wear thickness throughout the entire wall thickness of the bearing. 7. No maintenance required Based on results of thousands of empirical tests, igus ® specialists can recommend iglide ® plastic bearings that are ready to "fit and forget." Test data allows engineers to choose the best bearing/shaft combination and predict maintenance-free service life based on application factors. When combining this with the lack of required external lubrication, you get a completely maintenance-free bearing solution. 8. Dirt and dust resistance Metal bearings wear prematurely and can significantly damage shafts if abrasive dirt particles get into them, but iglide ® plastic bearings are able to 'absorb' these particles, incorporating them into the plastic material itself. Additionally, the lack of required grease and oil does not attract debris. 9. Special application materials available If your application requires FDA or EU-directive compliant materials, the iglide ® material range offers a number of applicable products. For example, iglide ® A180, A200, and A500 all comply with FDA requirements. All iglide ® bearings are RohS compliant and offer a veriety of certifications. 10. Materials and customization available for specific application needs igus ® engineers develop numerous new plastic compounds each year, which are tested in bearing form in thousands of tests annually. Whether your bearings need to run underwater, resist high shock loads, fit soft shaft materials, or run at extreme temperatures and speeds, igus ® has an iglide ® bearing for you. Currently, igus ® offers 16 standard materials, along with 32 specialized material options. Learn more at

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