Inside the Continous-Flex Cable Test Lab

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Learn more at www.igus.com/chainflex 13 coolant and oil resistant, depending on the outer jacket type. chainflex ® continuous flex measuring system cables can be used in applications with high speeds and accelerations, and comply with the specifications of drive systems manufacturers. Coaxial Cables chainflex ® 50 and 75 Ω continuous flex coaxial cables are intended for use with maximum mechanical load requirements, are UV and bio-oil resistant and are available as one- or five-core cables. Fiber Optic Cables chainflex ® continuous flex fiber optic cables are coolant and oil resistant, are made with plastic and glass fibers, and have a bending radius up to 5 x d. PUR and TPE outer jackets are available. chainflex ® offers fiber optic cables that are able to suit even long travel applications while maintaining transfer speeds, and are also available in single or milti-mode options. Servo Cables chainflex ® servo cables are abrasion-optimized and have bend radii starting at 7.5 x d. Both PVC and PUR servo cables are available with an inner fleece wrap or an inner jacket for high dynamics. chainflex ® servo cables are flame retardant and oil resistant and can be used for high speeds and accelerations. igus ® also offers a variety of space-saving, cost-effective hybrid servo cables. Motor Cables chainflex ® continuous flex motor cables are suitable for maximum mechanical load requirements and extreme applications. They are available shielded or unshielded and are available with PVC and TPE material outer jacket types. Single or multi-core options are available. Robot Cables chainflex ® robot cables are designed to withstand torsional stress of ±180° for every three feet of cable. These cables have been tested in applications that reproduce the forces and impacts that cables are typically exposed to in real-life industrial robotic applications. These tests have proven chainflex ® robotic cables to last up to 10 million torsional cycles. Request the latest chainflex ® catalog

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