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Electro-shock discharge products

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In modern production environments, more and more applications demand protection from static discharges. There are two industries where this is a primary concern: Electronics Manufacturing - In the electronics industry it is important that any manufacturing equipment which will handle electronic assemblies is constructed in a way that prevents potential electrostatic discharges, that can damage sensitive dielectric components. Hazardous Material Processing - For facilities that deal with the handling of combustible materials, such as coal yards, oil refineries, and paper mills, it is important that plant equipment is constructed in a way that eliminates static sparks in order to preserve both the safety of the factory and the employees. These hazardous areas often need to comply with OSHA and ATEX directive guidelines. ESD & ATEX... igus ® ESD option of the system E2/000 in a tank car filling station. 100% ATEX safety must be ensured during the transport of gases. APPLICATIONS

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