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Guidefast for Indoor Crane Applications

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For which chain series is guidefast guide trough available? Available sizes The guidefast system is available for the following E-Chains ® 1500-025-RRR-0 1500-050-RRR-0 2500-05-RRR-0 2500-07-RRR-0 2500-10-RRR-0 2700-05-RRR-0 2700-07-RRR-0 2700-10-RRR-0 Mounting Bracket Guidefast is available with two types of installation brackets. The short version is useful when space is particularly restricted. The long version adds an additional tie wrap plate for routing of static cables beneath the system. Part Numbers E-Chain Total width of holder Guide Trough Guide Trough and guide trough without glide bar with glide bar in. (mm) 1500-025-RRR-0 3.19 (81) GF91-30-025-2000 GF91-31-025-2000 1500-050-RRR-0 4.17 (106) GF91-30-050-2000 GF91-31-025-2000 2500-05-RRR-0 4.57 (116) GF92-30-05-2000 GF92-31-05-2000 2500-07-RRR-0 5.35 (136) GF92-30-07-2000 GF92-31-07-2000 2500-10-RRR-0 6.38 (162) GF92-30-10-2000 GF92-31-10-2000 2700-05-RRR-0 4.29 (109) GF95-30-05-2000 GF95-31-05-2000 2700-07-RRR-0 5.28 (134) GF95-30-07-2000 GF95-31-07-2000 2700-10-RRR-0 6.46 (159) GF95-30-10-2000 GF95-31-10-2000 For additional information please contact igus ® igus ® Inc. PO Box 14349, East Providence, RI 02914 Tel: 401.438.2200 • Fax: 401.438.7680 • Toll Free: 888.803.1895 www.igus.com • E-mail: sales@igus.com Guidefast Product Range Version 01: Short trough bracket GF9.2.12 Version 02: Long trough bracket GF9.2.11

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