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Designing gliding cable carrier systems for large machinery

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Learn more at Compared to cable reels, bus bars or festoon systems, plastic cable carrier systems are an extremely low maintenance, resilient solution which can reduce required installation space and reduce the length of cable required by up to 50%. Over the past several years, cable carrier manufacturers have been increasingly pushing the envelope to develop solutions for higher speeds, harsh environmental conditions, larger loads, and longer travels to develop solutions for large machinery, including cranes, bridges, and more. For long cable carrier, or e-chain ® , travels, the upper part of carrier rests on the lower run, gliding partially on the lower run, and partially on a low-friction plastic glide bar installed at the same height. Some carriers, like the P4 series of e-chains ® offer integrated rollers which can greatly reduce the drive power requirements of a gliding application. To calculate the required length of a cable carrier for a gliding application, assuming the fixed end is in the center of travel, use the formula Lk = s/2 + K2. In this case, S = the carrier's travel, and K2 = the length of the curve of the carrier. As a note, the variable ∆CL is shown in the diagram shown, which is the mounting location of the fixed end bracket. Guide Troughs Almost all gliding applications utilize a guide trough to increase stability and keep the entire system in place. To select the ideal guide trough, be sure that the height of the trough is at least twice that of the chain link height, with chamfered opening to allow the system to glide smoothly. The inner width of the trough should equal to the outer chain width + 4-5 mm, depending on the type of trough selected. Designing gliding, long-travel cable carriers for large machinery S/2 S/2 S/2 S/2 S S R R H Ri H 1 R R H Ri D2 K2 K2 H2 H2 ∆CL

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