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Designing a true maintenace-free pivot

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tech talk Learn more at 1. The use of an igus ® iglide ® dry-running, self-lubricating and maintenance- free bushing: iglide ® bushings are built for long service life and are low in cost. They require no external lubrication, and thus little to no maintenance. iglide ® bushings are injection molded from a blend of thermoplastic materials, embedded reinforcing fibers and solid lubricant. The fiber reinforced materials make the bushings strong and resistant to high forces and edge loads, and the solid lubricants help lower the coefficient of friction. They also have a low wear rate, substantial chemical resistance, quiet operation, high load capacity and the ability to operate in extreme temperatures. Additionally, they are dirt, dust, UV and corrosion resistant. iglide ® bushings always offer a solution, either from the catalog range or as a custom-made solution. 2. A synthetic wax-based corrosion inhibitor used to protect the housing bore: This is the most overlooked aspect of a maintenance-free pivot. Not only does it protect the housing from corrosion, but it also assists in maintaining a press fit for the bushing. 3. A cost effective, high quality, corrosion resistant pin with GKF Shafting: With GKF shafting, you are able to utilize both a hardened and a corrosion resistant pin. The hardness can be comparable to hard chrome when using the correct base alloy. Also, the corrosion resistance is roughly 3-5 times better than zinc, nickel, or chrome plating. igus ® performed salt spray testing in accordance with ASTM B117-16 requirements and achieved 300 hours without any signs of red rust on the main body of the pin. The corrosion- resistant layer is very difficult to wear past since it diffuses into the surface of the pin. The pin would need to suffer roughly 0.020mm of wear in order to penetrate past the inhibitor layer. Advantages: a. Significantly lower total cost of ownership for the owner/operator • Very little downtime due to routine maintenance of the individual pivot • The bushing only has to be replaced once a threshold of acceptable clearance between the bushing and pin is achieved b. The bushing becomes the wear surface and sacrificial portion of the pivot, which is the true design and purpose of a bushing c. The housing, by design, should not need replacing during the normal lifetime of the unit iglide ® plain bearing GKF shafting for a walking tandem pivot on a cultivator True Maintenance-Free Designs A true maintenance-free design must incorporate three features:

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