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Designing a true maintenace-free pivot

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tech talk Learn more at Designing a Legacy Designs Unlike true maintenance-free designs, legacy designs require substantial downtime. Thus, legacy designs aren't typically considered ideal. Legacy designs are composed of: • Metallic bushing with grease grooves • Steel housing with grease zerks • Steel pin, sometimes hardened depending on the application True Maintenance-free Pivot Engineers working in the agricultural industry can benefit greatly from implementing true maintenance- free pivots within their machinery. Maintenance-free pivots have several benefits that can help significantly increase efficiency within the agricultural field. Here, we will compare true maintenance-free designs with alternative designs, as well as go into the requirements for creating a true maintenance-free pivot. Disadvantages: a. Continuous maintenance (sometimes daily) for the end user b. The cost of grease and replacement parts if not performed regularly is very expensive, i.e.: the pin,bushing, or housing c. External lubrication is required, which attracts dirt and debris from the surrounding environment and creates a sand paper effect on the bushing and pin Traditional Maintenance-Free Designs Traditional maintenance-free designs are a better alternative than legacy designs, but they are not as effective as true maintenance-free designs. The traditional maintenance-free design is not a true maintenance-free design because only one critical aspect of a maintenance-free pivot, the bushing, is utilized. Traditional maintenance-free designs are composed of: • Dry running, self-lubricating bushing, i.e.: igus ® iglide ® (polymer), rolled metallic with Teflon lining, or fiber wound • Steel housing without grease zerk • Steel pin, sometimes hardened depending on the application, as well as a thin layer of a corrosion inhibiting substance (zinc, nickel or hard chrome)

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