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selecting the right position indicator

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tech talk Learn more at Order key: HTS-P3-A-2-DX-O Housing color O=Orange (standard) Direction of orientation Pitch Display orientation Type Standard What is the lead of the screw? The lead of the screw and the position indicator selected determine the display on the screen after one rotation. igus ® installs the appropriate indicator based on the lead of the screw. Pitch For lead screw Display on screen after one rotation Type 1.25 M8x1.25 001.25 P1 103) 1.5 Tr8x1.5 001.5 P1 103) 2 Tr10x2 002.0 P3 103) 3 Tr10x3; Tr12x3 003.0 P3 103) 4 Tr18x4; Tr14x4 004.0 P3 103) 5 Tr24x5 005.0 P3 103) 5 Tr26x5 005.0 P6 103) 6 Tr30x6 006.0 P6 103) 12 10x12 012.0 P3 103) 15 8x15 015.0 P1 103) 50 10x50 005.0 P3 103) 100 18x100 001.0 P3 103) The pitch depends on the lead screw used. 103) P1: 3-digit, P3: 4-digit, P6: 5-digit What assembly position do you require? Assembly positions depend on the design of your application and where the indicator can be installed. Position indicators are assembled at 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees or 270 degrees. Configure a linear system: With the drylin ® drive technology configurator, you can configure a linear system and find a solution that is tailored to your application. Calculate predicted service life, select a position indicator and receive an estimated delivery time, all in one place. CAD models can also be downloaded here. Assembly position 270° lateral left Assembly position 0° vertical (standard) Assembly position 90° lateral right Assembly position 180° vertical (upside down) P0 P90 P180 P270 90° 270° 180° 0°

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