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tech talk Learn more at Linear guides/lead screw tables can be assembled with supplementary accessories. In addition to hand wheels and clamps, analog position indicators are also available. A position indicator is used to display the location of the bearing in relation to the end block. It is typically offered with a 3-5 digit display (depending on the model). igus ® offers a mechanical analog position indicator for drylin ® lead screw tables. The position indicator is used to create reproducible values, making format adjustments quick and precise. It features a plastic analog display for the adjustment and direct reading of the carriage position, and includes appropriate adapter sleeves in the supply. Selecting the right position indicator How They Work: Position indicators are attached to a linear slide with an adapter plate and are fixed to the lead screw using a set screw. Once assembled, the position indicator displays the linear travel per rotation of the drive shaft. When to Use Them: Position indicators are used for manually-operated applications that require repetitive positioning. They are used for all types of adjustment applications, including packaging and lab equipment that require manual repositioning. Although position indicators are simple in design, selecting the correct model for your application is critical. These are the questions that need to be considered when selecting a position indicator: How is your slide oriented? Knowing how your slide is oriented is one of the most important factors when selecting a position indicator. Slide orientation is one of the most common reasons engineers exchange their position indicators in for different models. drylin ® SET EasyTube with position indicator

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