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5 Ways to Engineer Bearings into Your Products While Working from Home

Many people are working from home right now, including mechanical design engineers, and that can make it a bit more difficult to complete certain tasks. Maybe you don’t have multiple desktop monitors at home like you do at your corporate office and that slows things down, or maybe you can’t get remote access to databases on servers, which makes it tougher to gather the information you need. Whatever the challenge, working from home can sometimes hinder progress. Luckily, igus® offers various free online resources that engineers can use to help complete their projects. Below is a list of five of them.

1. Online service life calculators

These tools are based on empirical data from our 41,000-square-foot test lab in Cologne, Germany. They provide users with accurate product lifetime calculations and other important application information (e.g. required drive-force/torque, temperature limitations, etc). igus® offers various types of online service life calculators, including for plain bearings, linear bearings and lead screws. All other calculators can be found under the “Configurators” tab on our website.








2. Online product configurators

With our online configurators, you can easily design, customize and order custom parts in minutes – no drawings required! Watch the video below to see how you can design 3D-printed components using our online service tool. All other configurators, including for linear actuators, can be found under the “Configurators” tab on our website.








3. Virtual visits

igus® technical sales teams can meet with you virtually to help solve your problems, work on your new application, and show you new products via webcam or screen-share. You can request a virtual visit here. And don’t worry if your kids are screaming in the background or your dog barks – they are very used to it.








​4. CAD library

You can utilize our CAD library directly on our website to generate 2D and 3D files. If you need help using it, visit this webpage or reach out to us.

5. Drop-shipping

If your organization will allow it, igus® can drop-ship purchases or samples to your home address. So far, we’ve drop-shipped two complete three-axis gantry robots.

Still need more information or have questions about our free online resources? Visit, contact an igus® expert online, or call us at 800-521-2747. You can also check out our product brochures, videos, tech talks, infographics and more on our Engineer’s Toolbox.