Plastic bike bearings: Lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable

In the bicycle industry, innovative solutions play a crucial role in both design and material selection. When it comes to the bike frame, various options like aluminum and glass fiber-reinforced materials are commonly used. Component manufacturers are also embracing alternative materials, such as plastic, for various bike parts like bike bearings. Plastic plain bearings, in particular, are gaining popularity due to their numerous advantages over metal plain bearings.

Weight: A Key Consideration

Weight is a critical factor to consider when purchasing a bike or choosing individual components. Everyday situations like lifting the bicycle up stairs or loading it onto a bike rack can be problematic. Weight reduction is a significant aspect of cycling since every gram matters. igus® plastic plain bearings are approximately five times lighter than their metal counterparts, making them an ideal choice for bicycle bearings.

Corrosion Resistance: Perfect for Challenging Environments

Plastic plain bearings offer corrosion resistance, making them highly advantageous in damp areas or while riding in the rain. They excel in mountain biking scenarios where riders often encounter dirty surroundings and wet terrains. Unlike metal bearings, tribologically optimized plastic plain bearings are not affected by destructive corrosion stemming from moisture exposure.

A person riding a bicycle along a road

Enhanced Durability and Service Life

Wear and service life are critical considerations when choosing the right plain bearing material. Metal plain bearings with a PTFE coating tend to wear out quickly, especially when exposed to dirt and edge loads. This results in decreased sliding properties and a significantly reduced service life. Moreover, worn slide coatings generate metal-on-metal friction, causing bearing creaking and unpleasant noise.

On the other hand, plastic plain bearings utilize the entire wall thickness for sliding, as the additives responsible for lubrication are evenly distributed throughout the material. This ensures a longer service life. By selecting appropriate sliding partners, further reduction in wear can be achieved.

With their lightweight nature, corrosion resistance, and extended service life, plastic plain bearings are an excellent choice as bike bearings. Embrace the benefits of these innovative bearings to enhance your biking experience.

Need help finding the right plastic material for your bicycle application? Simply enter your requirements into our free online service life calculator and instantly receive a list of suitable iglide® materials and their expected service lives.