How igus® can help increase your business’ productivity

Productivity describes the relationship between the use of production factors (input) and the production result (output). In a simple formula it looks like this:

Productivity = output / input

If other factors affect the input (e.g. general costs, proportionate company costs, space used, personnel, software, time, tools, machines, waste materials, scrap, etc.), these must be included in the calculation. Companies should therefore analyze their own processes and eliminate non-value-adding activities that do not offer any advantages for the end product (output).

Sourcing your components

Here is a practical example:

Imagine you work in purchasing for a ballpoint pen factory.

You buy the components of a ballpoint pen - nibs, inks, and sleeves - from different suppliers in order to get the cheapest option on the market for each component. In order to get all three components for the ballpoint pen production, three orders have to be made.

Production cannot begin at the factory while the materials are still in route. Only after receiving all of the components can the factory begin assembling the pens. This creates wait times that have a negative effect on the manufacturing process and productivity.

When sourcing the components you need, ask yourself the following questions to find out where you can maximize your productivity:

  • What is the number of transport routes for delivery, storage, etc. of the required components?
  • How long are wait times? 
  • What are the advantages, beyond the price, of ordering from three different suppliers?
  • Do the materials offer reliable quality or a guarantee?
  • Was there any unplanned downtime during the manufacturing process? 

Would you buy a ballpoint pen in parts?

Let's stick with the ballpoint pen example:

This time you work in an office and need a ballpoint pen to complete your tasks. Your current pen suddenly stops working and you need a new one as soon as possible.

Ideally, you don't have to assemble the individual components to make a ballpoint pen yourself. You can just grab one from the supply closet. This means that you can continue to focus on your core business without having to invest time and effort in assembly.

So would you buy a ballpoint pen in pieces?

The answer is no.

How igus® helps increase productivity

Similar to a ballpoint pen cap, a cable carrier covers and protects cables during movement. No cable carrier works without a cable and no cable works without a connection. So why should you have buy individual parts and assemble them yourself? That's why igus® offers ready-to-install pre-assembled cable carriers called readychains®.

Here's an example of how readychain® can benefit your business: 

For years, a customer had been buying various e-chain® cable carriers and cable assemblies (readycables) and assembling them himself in his factory. After we visited his factory, he chose to upgrade to a readychain® system, which optimized his workflow. Plus, thanks to the optimization of the e-chains® and readycables used, which were adapted to the movement and environment of his application, he was able to reduce procurement costs.

You can order an entire readychain® system with just one order number and save valuable installation time. To learn more about readychain®, visit this webpage or contact us here.