Gaming desk cable management made easy

Organizing the cables from your gaming setup can be quite the undertaking, especially if you’re using multiple PCs, gaming consoles, monitors, etc. Each device can have multiple different cables — potentially running in all different directions — creating a tangled web of cables if not properly managed. This is especially true of standing or adjustable desks, where there’s more space beneath the desk that cables need to travel. Thankfully, igus® offers a solution for gaming desk cable management that makes the prospect simple and inexpensive. Read on to learn more. 

Why bother with cable management?

You may be wondering why you should bother with cable management in the first place — after all, as long as everything works, what tangible benefits can cable management really provide? Believe it or not, quite a few!


The underside of an office desk, with a mess of unmanaged cablesA cluttered, disorganized desk can create stress and distract the brain, even if only on a subconscious level. This can make it difficult to focus, worsening in-game performance or reducing the enjoyment of gaming in the first place. With gaming being a way to disconnect from real-world stress for many, having their own gaming setup be a source of stress is particularly detrimental.


Anyone with pets or young children knows they get into everything — gaming setup included. Having loose cables hanging with no cable management poses the risk of strangulation to children or pets. Devices can also be knocked off the desk if the cables are pulled, falling on and potentially injuring children or pets. 

While less likely, unmanaged cables can also pose a tripping hazard to adults as well as children, acting as another potential source of injury. Proper cable management eliminates all of these risks, keeping everyone in the household safe.


There’s also a cost risk associated with loose cables for similar reasons as the safety risks mentioned above. If a cable is tripped over or yanked, devices can be pulled off the gaming desk and damaged or destroyed. This can easily mean hundreds, if not even thousands of dollars in replacement costs (assuming the devices aren’t under warranty). This isn’t strictly limited to desktop devices either; wired extended reality headsets (most often VR headsets) rely on a cable to function, so if that cable is damaged — a relatively common occurrence given the nature of VR gaming — the entire headset is rendered useless, and typically the headset itself needs to be replaced rather than just the cable. Therefore, cable management is imperative in avoiding wasted money.


When it comes to gaming setups, many people prioritize aesthetics above all else. Whether it’s so they can show it off via social media or to their friends in person, or it’s a content creator whose livelihood revolves around gaming, having an aesthetically pleasing gaming setup is a must. For that reason, cable management is essential. Having visible cables dangling everywhere is a quick way to ruin the look of an otherwise flashy setup. Even a single visible cable is looked at as a problem by serious gamers.

A 3D render of a potential OCR application for gaming desk cable management

What should you use to cable manage a gaming setup?

Now you know the benefits of having well-organized cable management, the question becomes one of how exactly to implement it. Of course, solutions like cable ties and clips exist, and for simple setups on a standard desk, they may be all you need. However, there’s an even more elegant and simple solution that can not only manage the cables of standard gaming desks, but standing and adjustable desks too: the OCR e-chain® cable carrier from igus.

A CTA image with text saying "The Future of Gaming Cable Management" and "View our infographic here!" and a 3D render of a desk using an OCR chain and a closeup of an OCR chain

The OCR (office chain round) is a round, flexible cable carrier originally designed for use with office furniture. However, they can just as easily be used with gaming furniture given the similarities between the two. The design of the OCR allows cables to be pressed in externally at any point along the chain to keep cable installation as simple as possible. The interior of the chain consists of three chambers to make cable organization even easier

An OCR e-chain turning in multiple different directionsOCR chains are composed of individual links that can be collapsed and extended. When collapsed, the chain is rigid and doesn’t bend. When extended, the chain becomes flexible, ideal for adjustable desks or similar applications that require movement.

OCR mounting brackets offer three ways of attaching the chain to your desk: magnets or double-sided tape for instances where you don’t want to damage the surface area of the desk, or screws if you have a wooden desk and don’t mind surface damage. Mounting brackets can be adjusted at-will regardless of the type being used — ideal if you plan to adjust or upgrade your setup. Best of all, the brackets can be attached anywhere along the chain, making it easy to achieve the perfect installation.


Proper cable management is a must for anyone with a complex gaming desk setup. Not only can you reduce the risk of device damage or injury to children or pets, but you can vastly improve the aesthetic of your setup at the same time. The OCR is an ideal option for cable management of gaming desks due to its simple installation, built-in interior separation, and flexibility for moving applications like adjustable desks.

For questions about the OCR or other cable management options for your gaming desk, contact an e-chain expert, or give us a call at 1-800-521-2747.

Jared Worth