autoglide 5: e-chain® Cable Carrier with Guiding Cable

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The igus® autoglide 5 energy chain system is specifically designed for horizontal use in intralogistics solutions and on crane systems. The main feature is that the energy supply is quickly installed, as it does not require a guide trough. Instead, it lies on a steel wire rope held in place by the e-chain® contour. The autoglide 5 is able to safely guide horizontal cables at speeds of up to 4 m/s and up to 80 m travel without a trough, eliminating the need for busbars and pantographs. It can be installed in the aisle on a rope or a profile, and has an 88% shorter installation time compared to trough systems. ✅ Does not require guide trough ✅ Travels up to 80 m ✅ Speeds up to 4 m/s ✅ Acceleration up to 5 m/s2 ✅ Ready to install system with e-chain®, guiding cable, bus cable, five single cores...

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