drylin® Quick-Change Bearing Liner for Linear Guides

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igus® has been innovating drylin linear slide bearings for over 25 years with the goal of long durability, low wear rates, and a predictable service life. However, one question we have continually hear is, "What happens if I need to change out my plastic bearing liner?" In this video, learn about our new Quick Change drylin W linear bearing, which allows for quick bearing liner change without disassembly. By enabling end users the option to easily change their own liner, downtime can be reduced while providing the opportunity to completely reuse all components. Additionally, we now offer this in stainless steel linear carriages and guides. All the user needs to do is open the housing from the side, change out the bearing liner and then close to quickly complete the job. We also offer bearing liners in a range of materials to meet any industrial requirements—chemical and corrosion resistance, high temperatures, food safety, and more.