Slewing Ring Ball Bearings for a Wide Variety of Applications

xiros® slewing ring ball bearings are made of plastic and absorb axial loads despite their low weight. This makes them suitable for many industrial applications. 

ISAS GmbH also quickly noticed that xiros® is the best alternative to metal solutions. The application from the furniture industry below shows you not only the requirements of ISAS GmbH, but also the numerous advantages of xiros® slewing ring ball bearings.

Slewing Rings Resistant to Dirt and Dust

Slewing rings from igus in the unwinding mechanism

The company was looking for a suitable mounting for the unwinding mechanism of the glue edges for its edge banding machines. Edging materials up to 2 mm thick and 28 mm high are automatically rotated 90 degrees by two servo axes and transported to the edge feed. The solution from ISAS GmbH should be maintenance-free and self-lubricating, have low rolling resistance, and a long service life. Then the company quickly became aware of slewing rings made of plastic from igus®. The xiros® slewing ring ball bearings not only meet all requirements, they are also absolutely dust and dirt resistant, which means that the system always remains clean and makes trouble-free operation possible.

We take special customer inquiries and wishes as an incentive to be innovative. A request from a customer in the chemical material flow industry resulted in a project for the largest slewing ring. Up to now this product was not in our range. The customer wanted a slewing ring ball bearing with glass balls and an open design so that he could flush it out daily. Turning 400 mm inside and 600 mm outside diameter and loads of up to 250 kg with little effort of 15 Newton meters: We always take requests and individual inquiries to heart.

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