Cost-Effective & Grease-Free Water-Pump Bearings Exist!

The demand for electric water pumps is huge. In addition to cooling motors and drives, it is also essential when it comes to air conditioning. Compared to conventional mechanical water pumps, electric coolant pumps offer advantages based upon its separation from the internal combustion engine. This allows the electric pumps to switch on and off as required during vehicle operation, which saves energy, increases efficiency and reduces emissions.

In particular, alternative drive concepts, such as electric vehicles, are facing a major challenge in this area. On one hand, the battery has to be cooled, and on the other hand, it also needs to produce air conditioning and heat for the interior. The thermal management system, which includes coolant pumps and controllers, must therefore be optimally coordinated in order to run as efficiently as possible. This is all directly related to the range of the vehicle as well.

iglide® plastic water pump bearings, controllers & valves

Along with other important components, the water pump bearings used within the system are responsible for high efficiency and high reliability and the following points should be taken into consideration when selecting the ideal plain bearing.

Coolant pumps / water pumps

While the cooling pump delivers the required amount of coolant inside the vehicle, rotation speeds of over 1-2 m/s are often reached. In order to be able to realize these high revolutions, the flow through the bearings with the medium and a prevailing hydrodynamics are very important. For this purpose, the bearings can be designed with radial and axial grooves. Iglide® plain bearings offer unlimited freedom of shape:

Cooling water regulator / multi-way valves

A large number of regulators and valves reliably guide the coolant within the vehicleSimilar to the other parts of the system, there is often contact with the glycol-water mixture used and at high temperatures, which is why water pump bearings from iglide® offer high chemical resistance as well as high temperature resistance. Furthermore, they offer a real cost advantage when compared to commonly-used ceramic or graphite-carbon bearings. Lower your costs while improving your system with iglide® plain bearings.

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