Revolutionizing the pipe industry: Parmerit and igus team up to reduce downtime

Over the last two to three years, Parmerit, a system integrator known for its work in the automotive industry, has focused its expertise on the plastic corrugated pipe industry. Traditionally, work within this industry has been manual in nature. The company has been focused on revolutionizing the pipe industry by integrating automation, thereby transferring often inefficient and even dangerous tasks from people to robots.

The company seeks to protect the cables and hoses that are attached to their six-axis robots by using cable carriers. Parmerit engineers also required a solution that could accommodate the tight wrist movements of the machine.

For this latest project, Parmerit plans to utilize a long reach, 400kg, six-axis robot to handle material for their plastic pipe client. This robot will manipulate pipes that are 10 or 20 feet in length and range from 4 to 18 inches in diameter. The customer has also requested the ability to perform an overhead 180-degree spin of the pipes upon operator request. This overhead spin is the main challenge for the energy chain.

After contacting several competitors, Parmerit chose to collaborate with igus®, an industrial components company from which they had previously purchased energy chain supplies. The technical expertise and extensive on-site consultation provided by the igus product and sales managers were crucial to accurate product selection in this unique application.

The solution was twofold. First, igus recommended a dress pack system that was comprised of the triflex R, RSE retraction product, with the goal of providing the best solution at the best price point. A smaller size than usual was suggested to properly fit the machine due to the small wrist movements it would be required to perform. Also, unlike conduit tubes, this cable carrier features a split down each side, allowing for the easy replacement of cables via the side openings instead of having to thread them from one side to the other. This innovation saves both time and money, as well as reduces downtime.

igus then provided Parmerit engineers with installation training, with the goal of “teaching a person to fish.” Trainees were taught how to properly use the product and to also resolve any potential issues independently in the future. Having the expertise to perform installations can increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Rob Scott, Mechanical Designer at Parmerit, said that what made igus stand out was “the willingness to get on the initial call to help and look at the application, along with the experience that the technical team has.” Lastly, he mentioned, “It’s easy to talk and joke around with these guys and that makes getting the actual work done a lot easier.”

igus provided more than just a quote; they offered both an enjoyable consultation and a solution that was the perfect fit for Parmerit’s needs. Parmerit’s decision to collaborate with igus has enabled them to continue innovating within the plastic corrugated pipe industry.

For more information, please contact:

Shizu Yamaguchi
Digital Marketer
igus Canada, Inc.
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Tel: 437-970-9783

About Parmerit
Parmerit is a machine builder that specializes in automation, mainly in the automotive and corrugated pipe industries. Through their innovative design approach, they are transforming the way their customers are able to operate.

About igus
igus is a leading provider of energy chain supplies, flexible cables and other high-performance industrial solutions. Their products, such as the triflex R system, are designed to increase efficiency and reduce downtime in a variety of applications.