The chainflex® CASE is finally here

What is the CF CASE?

The chainflex® CASE is a highly engineered box design that offers simple storage solutions, convenience and protection during transport, and easy dispensing of cable in-house or on a job site. Read on to learn more about the CF CASE and how it makes ordering cable a breeze.

A new space-saving solution

The CF CASE is an innovation that solves storage issues of spools of cable and hand coiled cables, providing a more organized and compact solution to cable storage. Specialized racks are required to hold spools of cable in place, increasing the amount of space required for proper storage. Because the cable is contained within a box, multiple cases can be easily stacked and transported by hand without the need for racks or other storage systems.

stack of CF CASEs

The simplified storage enabled with the CF CASE also improves safety, as cable can be easily unspooled directly from the box without the need for extra precautions or safety features such as locks or chains. This makes storage more flexible and allows cables to be brought on-site much more easily.

The CF CASE can hold up to 650 feet of cable, depending on part number, and there are 685 part numbers from the range of chainflex cables that can be ordered with a CF CASE. Every CF CASE comes with a QR code directly on the box which allows customers to easily reorder cable online in just a few seconds.

CF CASE with QR code for reordering

The use of cardboard for the CF CASE also increases the sustainability of the product, allowing recycled materials to be used in the production of each CASE and giving customers the opportunity to recycle each CASE after use.


Between the cost savings in storage, ease of use and ability to quickly reorder cables, the advantages of switching from standard spools of cable to the CF CASE are clear. As more companies and operations look to become increasingly agile and flexible, the chainflex CASE serves as a means of accomplishing exactly this.

Jared Worth