Blockchain, AI & Robotics: How Do They All Fit Together?

The biggest game changers of our time could be artificial intelligence technologies, innovations in robotics and public databases such as blockchain. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at these modern technologies and present interesting synergies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

All AI technologies aim to offer an imitation of human intelligence and/or a rational approach to decision-making and performing tasks. This involves, for example, neural networks or cognitive skills.


In short, blockchain is a distributed database technology (decentralized). All participants in this database or this network have absolute data transparency since processes are viewed by all participants and controlled at the same time. The decentralized structure paired with the resulting high computing power offers protection against manipulation. Here, too, there are still many challenges, such as problems with computing power (proof of work vs. proof of stake) or, for example, compliance and many other topics.

How does it all fit together?

Cryptocurrencies can be included in robotics as a payment method, or artificial intelligence can be used as a game changer in the image processing and programming of robots. However, there are other approaches -- in swarm robotics, for example. This area works with several physical robots in a swarm formation. What are the advantages?
  • The task is in the foreground and the swarm solves it independently in a humanly understandable way
  • Protection against manipulation always plays an important role in all processes (blockchain)
  • The possibility that new open source platforms or communities can emerge (blockchain)
More specifically, drones can do tasks in formations that you would not be able to do on your own, comparable to ants that achieve their strength as a colony. Applicable industries/applications include medical transport, automated agriculture and entertainment. In the near future, multi-axis robots could also act in swarms, reducing downtimes and increasing production capacities. For example, robot station X could have less work to do, report it independently, and fill its unused capacity. This station/cell could be integrated into other production areas or even physically moved to other production sites via transport systems (matrix production).

Collaborative robots

What synergies are there between blockchain and AI?

Improvement of AI efficiency

Through the secure use of data and storage, AI can make data-optimized decisions faster. With an open source idea, much more data and computing power could also be requested.

AI decisions

Blockchain or its database can help explain the AI's decision.

Blockchain marketplace

The decentralized database system, which obtains a lot of data from various sources, can create a data market that everyone can access.


With AI, robots can be programmed or parameterized more easily for everyone. Maybe no software will be needed in the future. With blockchain, a new, broad database could emerge that is not dominated by just a few companies. The past has shown that technologies increase rapidly when they can be used as widely as possible and freely edited -- just like 3D printing technology prevailing after the disclosure of patents and the use of DIY/the masses. It will be very exciting to see what happens next.

Jared Worth