What Are the Types of Internal Separators for Energy Chains?

Interior separation is an important part of e-chain® cable carriers and is used to separate or subdivide different media within the guide. Only with the correct arrangement of cables can the service life of the system be increased. In this article, you will learn more about the various components of the interior division and how you can find the right division for your e-chain® cable carrier.

But first let's take a look at the parts that make up the interior layout (pictured right):

Internal division of energy chains
  1. Dividers
  2. Shelf / full-width shelf

With the help of dividers and shelves, order is created within the cable carrier. Cables with different diameters are always laid separately from one another and have no way of sliding over one another. The result: the service life of the cables is longer.

What Types of Dividers Are There?

Standard separator

Standard separator, wide base:
For all purposes. Maximum holding power and secure stance.



Separator, narrow head

Separator, narrow head:
One side firmly seated with wider base and opposite narrow side for easy cable assembly.


Separator, narrow foot

Separator, narrow base:
For many thin cables next to each other. Saves space in energy chains.


Locking separator

Locking separator for integrated grid:
Locks securely in defined steps, thus exact positioning. Ideal for applications rotated by 90 °.


Lean divider

Lean divider:
Lightning-fast insertion of shelves in several layers, which significantly reduces the assembly time. Fast exchange of individual cables in highly filled energy chains possible.


Divisible divider

Divisible separator, wide base / head:
The separators can be divided in the middle, which enables quick cable filling for medium-sized chambers from above.


Slotted separator

Slotted separator:
Thanks to its cutouts, it can also be used to create simple vertical and horizontal divisions.


Asymmetrical divider

Asymmetrical separator:
For use "on the side": Defined spacing and spacers are not required.



Universal divider

New universal divider:
The shelves can be pushed in on both sides. It is locked using the integrated slide and automatically when the crossbar is installed. For unlocking, the crossbar must be dismantled, in the inner or outer radius.

What Types of Shelves Are There?

Fold bottom

Shelf, lockable:
For horizontal division. Locks securely at both ends in the separator, fixed width fixing possible. Can be used as full-width shelf for a continuous subdivision or as a shelf for a shelf-like division.


Fold bottom

Shelf for universal interior division:
Shelves of various widths can be arranged in a height grid of 7 mm.


How Do I find the Right Interior Layout for My Energy Chain?

With our e-chain® System Configurator, you can quickly and easily find the right interior separation for your energy chain.

How it works:

  1. Go to the e-chain® System Configurator
  2. Select line and click "Next"
  3. Enter the article number of your energy chain in the search field "Find chains"
  4. Enter chain length
  5. Drag and drop the desired filling variant into the energy chain to configure the interior layout

Another possibility is to configure the interior layout on each product page. You can find the area under "Interior Separation."

Visit our webpage to learn more about e-chain® cable carriers and to use the system configurator. You can also contact us here or call 800-521-2747 with any questions.