What Is a Hybrid Cable?

For some time now, we've seen an upward trend in using hybrid cables for servo drives. Due to this development, we've been constantly expanding our range of hybrid cables to better fulfill the needs and changing requirements of our customers. 

But some of you may be hearing about hybrid cables for the first time and are interested in knowing what they are and what they're needed for. That’s exactly what we’re looking at in today’s post.  

What is a hybrid cable?

A hybrid cable is a cable that is usually used in servo drive systems. It supplies the servo drive with energy and also sends important information back to the control system.

Similar to the hybrid drive in a passenger car, which combines two different types of engines, the hybrid cable combines two different types of cable. Hybrid cables are a combination of a servo and measuring system or feedback cable for drive technology.

A servo cable is already a combined cable because here, a motor cable is extended by one or two control pairs. These control pairs are used to operate a brake or a temperature sensor in addition to supplying the motor.

The classic measuring system cable, also called the encoder cable, on the other hand, takes over the data transmission back to the control system. It informs, for example, about the speed and position of the engine.

Why hybrid cables?

Single cable technology, also known as “One Cable Technology”, is becoming increasingly popular. This future-oriented system not only saves time, but also money. Due to the combination of two cables, you can save on material, space and working time during assembly and installation.

Where are hybrid cables used?

Typically hybrid cables are used wherever servo motors are used. Many fast but precise movements require a fail-safe cable. The field of application is accordingly diverse.

A good example is the use of our hybrid cables in the woodworking machines of one of our customers. These machines also work at high speed. By using the latest servo technology, high dynamics in combination with positional accuracy and fast feedback are implemented.

The up to 50 servo axes used are supplied with energy and signals via chainflex® hybrid cables. Our customer has to supply his own customers and has to meet new requirements all the time. A solution was needed that ensured a long service life, dependability with high dynamics, would save costs and installation effort. Our hybrid cables have done the trick.

If you have any questions about our chainflex® hybrid cables or any of our other cable types, contact an igus® expert here. We look forward to working with you.