Flexible Cable Management for Adjustable Desks

Everyone knows the white cable canal that leads to your desk, but what about all the cables inside the desk, especially if the desk is adjustable? The height adjustment in a desk is not only comfortable, but also good for your back and general health. The same can not be said about the cables leading to your computer, telephone, monitor, etc. They were not designed to be moved around throughout the day, they might get tangled, caught on your feet or even break.

Office-chains® in an elegant design

Concept image of a desk with installed cable carriersigus® offers many solutions for the cable routing in an adjustable desk. I would like to introduce two cable guides to you. These cable carriers were designed in the past couple of years especially for adjustable desks. In addition to providing the needed stability and protection for the cables, they have a simplistic, elegant design with a sleek surface. They can be attached to the desk either with magnets or double-sided tape so that the surface area of the desk won’t be damaged. Fixing the e-chain® with screws is also possible, if that’s what you want to do.

The ZF14 is a rectangular chain, which is almost closed on one side to obstruct the view of the cables. On the inside the e-chain has split opened bars, which allows a quick filing and release of the cables. The mounting brackets of the e-chain can either be fixed to the desk with magnets or two screws. The chain is movable on one axis.

A ZF14 rectangular cable carrier

3D flexibility with the round e-chain

If the rectangular chain doesn’t suit your taste, we also offer the round e-chain. The so-called Office-Chain-Round (OCR) can move on all three axes or can be tucked in tightly.

An office cable carrier

Just like in the rectangular chain, the cables can be easily fastened and removed from the chain. There are three chambers which can be used to organize the cables. One can be used for USB cables, the second for the monitors and so forth. The chain can be mounted to the desk just like before with double-sided tape, screws, or even with magnets.

In conclusion, both cable carriers, with their simplistic design and technical capabilities, are a perfect companion to adjustable desks. Depending on the cable amount and needed mobility, one of these chains can be recommended. Or you just take the one with the look you like most!

Have questions about which cable carrier option is right for you? You can contact our e-chain Product Manager Dan Thompson here. For an overview of all our cable carrier options, check out the product overview page here. Finally, you can call us directly at 800-521-2747.