Customer Service Makes All the Difference. Here’s How We Stand Out

When I’m deciding whether to buy something, I typically base my decision on the experiences I have had with that business in the past. And, it’s obvious other consumers feel the same way thanks to word of mouth and reviews online. 

That’s why my number one goal is to provide excellent service for people like you with help from my colleagues and contacts across the country. 

igus® works diligently to understand your project and offers various resources so we can design the right energy chain for your application. Let’s talk more here about what those resources are. 

Online Tools

Some of the online tools igus® offers to help design a solution include our system configurator and lifetime calculator.

With the configurator, you can design layouts that last millions of cycles in a chain. Since every application is not “one size fits all,” we can use these tools to help customize a solution that works best for each one.

With the lifetime calculator, you can select an igus® cable carrier and then fill in your application’s parameters to see the chain’s lifetime expectancy. The calculator will even provide a guarantee certificate for you that confirms the energy chain you designed meets your needs. 

All e-chains® are guaranteed to last 36 months

North American Sales Team

Another benefit igus® offers is a full sales team throughout the continent that can get to most locations in North America within 24 hours to assist where they are needed. 

All of our salespeople are trained with the technical details to assist in designing an e-chain® cable carrier, and to help find a chain that will work if one needs to be replaced. 

As mentioned above, we want to design the right chain for your application. Our sales staff, technical staff, and engineering team are here to help you find the most cost-effective solution.

Stock and Quick Shipping








One of igus’® main objectives is to meet delivery times and have products available for you when you need them. We have more than 500,000 feet of chain in our warehouse and are able to ship energy chains to our customers next-day anywhere in North America if needed.   

Remember, We’re Here to Help

With more than half a million feet of e-chain® cable carriers in stock and all the online tools and sales support available to help design the right chain for your application, igus® can deliver a superior guaranteed product that will work for you. 

Visit our webpage to learn more about e-chain®, give us a call at (800) 521-2747, or email us so we can start assisting you today.