What do global, digital, and 24/7 mean for chainflex®?

This article originally appeared on https://blog.igus.de/was-heisst-global-digital-und-24-7-bei-chainflex/

In today’s increasingly globalized world, everything needs to be available around the clock. However, past experiences have shown that supply chains can be disrupted, leading to significant issues. That’s why we’ve established a global network of production and storage locations, along with service partners, to meet today’s demands. We’ve also developed a comprehensive portfolio of web-based tools so you can access information or order products anytime. But what does this mean in practice?

How can I learn more about chainflex cables and purchase them easily and conveniently 24/7?

Ordering cables is a breeze with our igus web shop. Simply search for the product you want online and place your order with just one click — it’s as simple, quick and straightforward as you’re accustomed to with online shopping. Our logistics ensure products are delivered from stock within 36 hours.

What if I’m not sure exactly what I need?

No problem: Our product finder is a fantastic tool that helps you find the perfect cable for your application in just a few clicks. Our chainflex cables overview page also provides a detailed platform for learning more about our cables.

Does igus offer complete solutions as well?

Absolutely! You can order ready-made cables from us. If the right solution isn’t available in the catalog, you can easily customize it yourself and order online. Just enter the parameters in our online configurator and click “order”.

Can I contribute to a more environmentally friendly world with chainflex?

Thanks to our extensive experience and numerous tests in our in-house testing laboratory, we can make reliable, tested statements about the lifespan of our product. This gives you a dependable product whose longevity allows you to act more sustainably as you don’t need to replace it regularly.

Our service life calculator lets you easily calculate the expected service life based on your application parameters. Our chainflex guarantee also offers a level of reliability for our products that is unique in the market. 

You can even print out the guarantee certificate after calculating service life. Plus, we adhere to a wide range of global standards to ensure problem-free cable use.

What if I need help with the online tools or require further information?

You can contact us directly by phone between 8am and 5pm ET. We’re here to help you, provide advice on your planned application, and find the right solution. You can call us at 800-521-2747, or start a chat with us on www.igus.com.